Saison Du BUFF

12 oz single from my Secret Santa 2010 – thanks to finewinemike.
This is the third in the series for me, and I had pretty poor experiences with the Stone and Victory versions (the Victory was especially awful), so my hopes are low for this one. Having said that, this kind of things is something that DFH is likely to pull off better than the other two breweries involved so there is more hope.
Nice golden pour, with some attractive cloudiness that is appropriate for the style. Impressive, fluffy and pillow like head.
Nose and tastes do have a floral and herbal element, but it is nowhere near as aggressive and overwhelming as the other Saison Du Buff’s. Quite a lot of lemongrass, and a full, fluffy mouthfeel. Not a great deal of complexity here in as much as it does not deliver any white pepper or any subtle fruit, phenol or ester notes, but it does end with a touch of spicy bitterness that lingers a little.
Much more in a classic Saison style than the other two ‘Buff’s’ and in that respect I like it a lot more, and it sits better with me. best of the three by a LONG distance, and frankly that should not really surprise us given that DFH is a brewery that handles this type of beer better than Stone and Victory.

ABV: 6.8 %
Appearance: 4.5
Taste: 3.5
Mouthfeel: 4
Smell: 4
Overall: 4
Total: 3.8
Series Name:


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