Monk’s Blood

12 oz single can from Mac’s, Midtown, Atlanta, GA, USA as part of their new “Pick/Mix a Four pack” as opposed to the pick/mix a 6 pack.
The beer pours a hazed, reddish-copper color with some cream colored head that does not linger. Not much lace.
Nose gives up a little maltiness but to be honest it really is nothing to crow about. Some sweetness and a dash of alcohol but not much else, even on warming.
Tastes are pretty sweet which is OK for the style, but follows up with some significant bubble-gum that is a little grating. There is quite a lot of ester character with pineapple definitely in there, but the beer never really delivers that specific, Belgian yeast elements that I’m looking for. Alcohol is a touch solventy for me too.
I dunno I was expecting more I guess, as a beer I had heard a lot about and in one of my favorite style ought to excite me more than this did. I found it sweeter than it should be with not much subtlety or interest.

ABV: 8.3 %
Appearance: 3
Taste: 3
Mouthfeel: 3.5
Smell: 3
Overall: 3
Total: 3.05
Series Name:


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