Leffe Brune / Brown

On tap at Pazzo’s, Lexington, KY, served in the Leffe glass.
Several years ago this was one of my favorite beers – I used to drink it a lot on regular trips to Northern France and Belgium. Since leaving England and coming to the USA, I have not had an opportunity to get hold of any, and as a result I have been craving it for a long time. I was worried that nostalgia was getting the better of me, and that I would be terribly disappointed, but it held up extremely well.
Very, very nice in all respects. Sweet yeasty malts, velvet smooth in the mouth and quaffable by the bucket load. Probably too sweet for many, to me this is a typically rich, alcoholic and smooth Belgian – a treat that with a sensible ABV I can enjoy lots of.
Malt and complex, this is a beer that has a lot of detractors but although somewhat unfashionable, I think does really well.

ABV: 6.5 %
Appearance: 4
Taste: 4.5
Mouthfeel: 4.5
Smell: 4
Overall: 5
Total: 4.48
Series Name:


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