Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout

Another example of how strangely one can get to taste these beers that are highly sought after without even trying.

I got to get a decent taste of this at a recent BA gathering in Charleston, but given the size of the pour, and the number of other beers being consumed, I decided to pass on taking formal notes or writing a review. I did make some mental notes. Then, a few days later, I unexpectedly got another chance to try the beer in a better light and make these observations.

Not much to report on the pour. Jet black with little or no head, motor oil appearance – not exactly shocking!

Nose gives up some pretty astringent alcohol and very little else for me.

The tastes were similar to the nose, and for all of my efforts to register as massive dose of coffee I simply did not get a big wave. The coffee for me was relegated almost entirely to the very back end of the beer, and to be honest it was a espresso note and not much else. The alcohol was there, as were some liquor notes and although prominent in each case I did not find them overpowering.

Considering everything, this was a pretty smooth beer to be honest, BUT definitely not as drinkable as the regular version of the beer. Small quantities (obviously), but the beer worked well, at least within the parameters that these things have to.

If you are looking for a coffee “tasting” beer then I don’t think this is it. If you want a typical, VERY high alcohol sipper in the coffee/RIS/big/bourbon category then this will probably be for you. For me, too much going on to ever be a beer that I would actively seek out again.


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ABV: 13.0 %
Appearance: 4
Taste: 4
Mouthfeel: 4
Smell: 4
Overall: 3.5
Total: 3.9
Series Name: