Abbaye Des Rocs Grand Cru Belgian Special Brown (bottle)

Extraordinary that I have not reviewed this beer so far. Never mind, here we go.

$8.99 for the 750 mL capped and foiled champagne style, dimple bottomed green glass, heavy vessel. Total Wine, Perimeter, Atlanta GA, USA.

EXACTLY as anticipated the rich brown color is punctuated with a very dense and large number of floaties. Generally coagulated proteins are a big problem for BdR, and this beer is no exception. Quite ugly, and refuses to settle for a LONG time.

Head is good initially but fades to not much very quickly.

Nose reveals nice Belgian sweetness and yeast. Fairly solid.

Body and tastes are a little lighter than I was expecting. The beer reflects some alcohol richness, but it seems a little thin for the style. Not “bad”, but lighter than I wanted. Big, rich alcohol malt notes. Simple and delivers no surprises.

Not my favorite beer from a brewery that I generally have huge affection and respect for. Frankly a little disappointing, but this still makes it above average.

ABV: 9.5 %
Appearance: 3
Taste: 3.5
Mouthfeel: 3.5
Smell: 3.5
Overall: 3.5
Total: 3.48
Series Name:


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