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Twisted South – the article that never was

In February of this year I was asked by a person that follows me on Twitter to write a counter-point article for Twisted South magazine. After 0ver 9 months of being told that ‘it will be published soon’, I’ve given … Continue reading

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Session #80 – The Craft Beer Bubble

The first Friday in October ’13 brings us Session #80, where Derek Harrison at It’s Not Just The Alcohol Talking asks, ‘Is Craft Beer a Bubble?‘. I’m no economist, and in any case economics is a soft science at best, … Continue reading

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Session #79 – The round up and a few rebuttals

OK, Session #79 is now over and the thoughts of many have been recorded for posterity. There weren’t quite as many posts as I was expecting, and some of the writing wasn’t very good, but here’s my summary. If I have … Continue reading

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Session #79 – USA versus Old World Beer Culture

OK, here we go with the blog post that you’ve read before. Why do I say that? Well essentially this is a post that I’ve written umpteen times over, just in varying guises. In those past posts I have generally … Continue reading