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The ability to search all of my digital beer reviews is now active!

Question: Why is this great news for me?

Answer: See this post.

If visitors to dingsbeerblog find this feature useful too, then great!

Choose any combination of the search criteria below, in order to interrogate the database and return search results for beers that match. For example, if you want to find all of the beers in the database with a certain grade, only select a grade for the grade field. To find all of the beers in the database with a certain grade and a certain vintage associated with them, enter a vintage and select a grade for the grade field. Then hit ‘SEARCH DING’S BEER REVIEWS’.

The more fields that you choose, the narrower the search becomes, so to keep results meaningful leave some fields blank to avoid very specific searches that return very few or zero results. Search results are currently limited to a maximum of 100 returns, listed alphabetically by beer name.

Should you find errors or omissions in the database, I would love to hear from you so I can tighten up the data. Thanks.


Enter a Beer Name. Example: Guinness

Enter a Brewery Name. Example: Sweetwater

Enter a Series Name. Example: Lips of Faith

Enter a Vintage. Example: 2012 (Vintage is only designated in beers where relevant)

Enter a Style Name. Example: Saison

Choose a Grade. Example: A+ (Returns beers only with a SPECIFIC grade)

Choose a 'Ding Points' Score. Example: 95.0+ (Returns beers >= a given 'Ding Points' score)

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