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Session #79 – USA versus Old World Beer Culture

OK, here we go with the blog post that you’ve read before. Why do I say that? Well essentially this is a post that I’ve written umpteen times over, just in varying guises. In those past posts I have generally … Continue reading

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My cask tears – Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting 2013

So, I’m writing this just a few hours before attending Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting of 2013. In fact, I’m writing as the judging for today’s event is actually taking place and I’m texting one of the judges between paragraphs! This … Continue reading

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Beer, calories, fitness and being 45 years old – ANOTHER problem with the American ABV situation

For many years I have been conscious of my general caloric intake and also pretty much fundamentally aware of the calories associated with beer. For probably in excess of 10 years now, I have also been very much aware of … Continue reading

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An awakening confirmed, and then re-affirmed by (another) return to my roots

About four years ago I drove like a madman, across the city (Atlanta), visiting four or five beer stores in the quest to find a few bottles of a relatively uncommonly distributed beer. A week later I found myself doing … Continue reading