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The search is over, and at the same time, just beginning

Yesterday was a pretty significant day in my little beer world. Was it a day that was characterized by me finding a long sought after bottle? No. Was it a day that I tasted and reviewed a super-rare beer? No. … Continue reading

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Imposter on Twitter Part 2.

The rogue  Twitter account (@D_I_N_G with extra _ at end) been removed BUT the name has now been changed to use a lowercase ‘L’ in place of uppercase ‘I’. Looks identical to my real account, but is not. Please report … Continue reading

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Imposter on Twitter

Please note that there is a child acting up on Twitter. They have created the Twitter account @D_I_N_G_ (NOTE: extra underscore added at the end of the name) and stolen my avatar. Please report them ASAP. Thanks.