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The search is over, and at the same time, just beginning

Yesterday was a pretty significant day in my little beer world. Was it a day that was characterized by me finding a long sought after bottle? No. Was it a day that I tasted and reviewed a super-rare beer? No. Was it a day when I reached some memorable milestone of some description? No. So what?

Yesterday, the close to 3000 digital reviews that I have from my days on beeradvocate, became fully searchable in my own mySQL database on dingsbeerblog.com! With a pretty significant amount of work on my end, both in terms of pure grunt work, the more subtle, but more gratifying endeavor of learning some new coding and technical stuff, and with the help of BA levifunk and Eddy at SangFroid, I finally got to the point where the beta version of my searchable, beer review database went live. As is always the case with these things there are still some significant kinks to work out, but essentially it works and it’s up and running!This is a big deal for me. Since being unspeakably treated by beeradvocate, I always felt that because my reviews were not searchable online anymore, that somehow my digital beer life had been forced into a much poorer place. The first step back was to set up this blog. That was around 18 months ago now, and because of its success and the pleasure it has given me, on reflection leaving BA might be the best beery thing that has happened to me in a long time – it turned out to be a tremendously positive thing. The second step was to get my reviews back online and searchable, and that was fulfilled yesterday. To speak in legal/insurance terms, I now feel as though I have been ‘made whole’, and the final severing of beeradvocate ties is now 100% complete; it feels really good!


  1. Hello old friend…russ powell

  2. There you are, wondered what happened to you. Good to see you alive & kicking!

  3. There you are, wondered what happened to you. Good to see you alive & kicking!

  4. C*****ce and Todd can go **c* themselves

  5. Are you going to add the reviews on this blog to the 3000 aforementioned reviews?

    It only makes sense to me.


  6. Yay!